Hunter Class Frigates

South Australia’s Osborne Naval Shipyard is the location for the Hunter Class Frigate Program, which will deliver a fleet of nine world-class anti-submarine warfare frigates to the Royal Australian Navy.

The program will commence its prototyping phase as planned at the end of 2020, with construction on the first ship to begin in 2022.

The Hunter class frigates will be built by BAE Systems Australia’s shipbuilding business, ASC Shipbuilding, and will be based on BAE Systems’ Type 26 Global Combat Ship design.

The new frigates will be among the world’s most advanced anti-submarine warfare frigates, and have been designed for maximum versatility and flexibility in operational roles, from humanitarian and disaster relief operations to high-intensity warfare.

The Hunter program will create and sustain more than 5,000 jobs across the business and the wider Australian defence supply chain over the life of the program.

Already, more than 170 South Australian businesses have registered their interest in their Hunter program through the Industry Capability Network.

For further information please direct all enquiries to David Eyre, Director Maritime, Defence SA. Tel: +61 8 8463 7161 or