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Nova Group launches inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan

In the first step to formalise the Nova Group’s reconciliation journey, the company has launched its Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) which aims to support the development of respectful relationships and meaningful opportunities with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The plan, developed by a working group, outlines a strong framework of specific initiatives and actions that Nova Group will pursue over the next year in support of its commitment to reconciliation. Read the full story

8 April 2021
Nova Group launches inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan2021-04-08T12:23:39+09:30

Prime Minister opens Raytheon Australia’s Centre for Joint Integration

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has opened Raytheon Australia's new Centre for Joint Integration in Mawson Lakes, South Australia in response to the Australian Defence Force’s increased focus on joint integrated capabilities. From this precinct, Raytheon Australia is ready to enhance the defence capabilities of today and support the defence programs of tomorrow. Read the full story

7 April 2021
Prime Minister opens Raytheon Australia’s Centre for Joint Integration2021-04-07T11:24:41+09:30

March News from the Office of the Agent General UK – funding for uncrewed fighter aircraft

In a move that reflects activity in the US and Australia, the UK Government has announced a further £30m investment into its programme to develop an uncrewed fighter aircraft. Using the universal name of ‘loyal wingman’, the system builds on the Royal Air Force’s Lightweight Novel Combat Aircraft (LANCA) concept. The UK is aiming to have a full-scale vehicle flight test programme by the end of 2023. The uncrewed fighter aircraft is designed to target and fire on adversary aircraft and ‘survive against surface to air missiles’. The project is being developed by ‘Team Mosquito’, which is led by Spirit ...

17 March 2021
March News from the Office of the Agent General UK – funding for uncrewed fighter aircraft2021-03-17T11:06:00+10:30

Tekuma Tech is taking back the controls

Female-lead, Australian tech start-up Tekuma are changing the way humans interact with technology, thanks to the first round of Australian Government funding through the Boosting Female Founders Initiative. Co-founder Annette McClelland received $150,000 towards tooling and manufacturing for Tekuma’s patented control orb. Designed by her husband and co-founder Michael Griffin, the unique tactile control orb completely revolutionises remote control systems for drones, robots and other devices, providing the user with a force-based, six-degrees-of-freedom controller that can be operated with as little as two fingers. The robust system is completely portable and can be integrated into any device that needs to ...

17 March 2021
Tekuma Tech is taking back the controls2021-03-17T10:59:45+10:30

Boeing Manager finds solid ground in the defence industry

For Glen Gallagher the decision to join the Royal Australian Air Force was inspired by his uncle who had served in the Royal Air Force (UK) flying with the Red Arrows. “My Grandfather served in World War Two and participated in Operation Dynamo,” Mr Gallagher said. “These family inspirations slowly but surely influenced my decision to pursue a career in the Air Force.” Joining the RAAF in 1991 Mr Gallagher said that for the duration of his time in the Air Force he would spend an average of more than six months every year on deployment or on operations. “It ...

16 March 2021
Boeing Manager finds solid ground in the defence industry2021-03-16T13:13:32+10:30

Defence SA Director Ilona Horan is passionate about the defence industry

Juggling a professional career with the demands that come with being the Commanding Officer of Adelaide Universities Regiment as an Army Reservist, it is easy to wonder where Ilona Horan gets her energy from. But as Director, Projects, Infrastructure and Investment at Defence SA, Ms Horan says it is her passion for being able to help people that gets her out of bed every day. “I was in the Australian Regular Army for 18 years before I transferred to Army Reserves, and for me it was the Army’s ability to make a difference and help people that attracted me,” Ms ...

11 March 2021
Defence SA Director Ilona Horan is passionate about the defence industry2021-03-11T10:56:31+10:30

South African Air Force veteran finds her place in South Australia’s defence industry

With dreams of flying high above the clouds, Heidi Fourie refused to be deterred when the South African Air Force told her she could not become a pilot. Ms Fourie enlisted in the Air Force at 17 and found her ‘wings’ in other ways, determined to always face adversity and challenges head on. “I was told that I would never be a pilot because I was a woman,” Ms Fourie said. “I decided early on that ‘no’ was not a good enough reason to stop trying and even in the face of people continually telling me ‘no’, I was resolute ...

10 March 2021
South African Air Force veteran finds her place in South Australia’s defence industry2021-03-17T11:28:32+10:30

Defence SA Tour RAAF Base Edinburgh

Earlier this month, the Defence SA team headed out to RAAF Base Edinburgh for a tour of the facility. Below is an account of the day by Reg Carruthers, Executive Director, Defence Industry and Space.  We acknowledge that the areas visited by the Defence SA team are on the traditional lands of the Kaurna people, and we pay our respects to their Elders, past and present. It has been quite a while since many of the team at Defence SA have visited Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Base Edinburgh. With much of the state’s the focus being on Naval shipbuilding ...

17 December 2020
Defence SA Tour RAAF Base Edinburgh2020-12-17T15:34:48+10:30

Justyce’s dreams of dancing with the stars

Growing up, Justyce Manton dreamt of being a ballerina but when that dream was shattered by injury, she quickly discovered an outer-this-world fascination with space and engineering, which transformed her life plans. The first year Adelaide University student is currently undertaking an internship at Defence SA under the mentorship of Executive Director, Defence and Space Reg Carruthers. Justyce is revelling in the chance to understand the industry better, and now has dreams of becoming the first Indigenous Australian to travel into space. “I am studying aeronautical engineering at Adelaide University and am absolutely loving it,” Justyce said. “Growing up I ...

16 December 2020
Justyce’s dreams of dancing with the stars2020-12-16T12:11:01+10:30
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