Woomera Range Complex

The Woomera Range Complex is the largest land-based test range in the world, covering 122,000 square kilometres. 

Located about 500 kilometres north-west of Adelaide, Woomera Range Complex's remoteness and quiet electromagnetic environment is ideal for complex air, ground and space test activities.

The Woomera Range Complex comprises both the Woomera Test Range and RAAF Base Woomera. 

RAAF Base Woomera provides the essential operational support to the range, and includes the airfield, hangers, technical areas and village. 

The range is used extensively by Australian and allied forces, and plays a significant role in Australia’s national security. With increased cooperation and joint exercises and training with the United States and other security partners, the demands on facilities such as Woomera are likely to increase. As such, additional investment of up to $750 million is programed to ensure the facility is able to support increasing demands.

A co-existence regime in the Woomera Prohibited Area (WPA), the key element of the range, ensures access and use by non-Defence stakeholders, including pastoralists, indigenous peoples and the resources sector.

Non-Defence use of the WPA is administered by the WPA Coordination Office, a joint Australian–South Australian Government office.

For further information please direct all enquiries to Department of Defence on 1300 333 362