Cultana Training Area

Following a five-fold expansion to 2100 square kilometres, the Cultana Training Area is set to become the Australian Defence Force’s largest training area capable of supporting combined arms exercises. 

Situated 370 kilometres north-west of Adelaide on the Spencer Gulf, Cultana has the ideal terrain and climate for year-round armoured, mechanised and cavalry forces training.

The Cultana Training Area is only one of two areas in Australia able to support joint and combined training. It is primarily used for Defence training activities or operations including:

  • combined arms maneuvering training
  • live firing of ammunition, including small arms, field and medium artillery weapons and air-delivered weapons
  • air mobile and airborne operations including air to ground live firing
  • unmanned aerial system training activities, and/or
  • electronic warfare training activities.

The Cultana expansion project is well underway to establish the infrastructure and facilities to support the future Defence Force and accommodate joint training with new equipment and evolving methods of operation.

For further information please direct all enquiries to Department of Defence on 1300 333 362