Defence Industry Workforce & Skills Strategy

The South Australian Defence Industry Workforce & Skills Strategy 2018-2022 provides a clear and coordinated plan to build the state’s future defence industry workforce.

In April 2018, the South Australian Government tasked Defence SA to lead the development and implementation of a whole-of-government strategy to future-proof our defence industry workforce. The strategy supports students and experienced workers to maximise career opportunities arising from naval shipbuilding programs and other projects across, ISREW, cybersecurity and big data.  

In response, an integrated project team with representatives from Defence SA the Department for Innovation and Skills, Department for Education and TAFE SA, was established to develop the Strategy and deliver the action plan.  

The Strategy drives collaboration between the South Australian and Australian Governments, the defence industry and the education and training sector to better understand workforce requirements, and design and implement secondary and vocational training which is modular, agile and responsive to the demands of industry.

The Strategy is based on three key objectives:

  • Collaborating with the Australian Government and industry stakeholders to develop a fit for purpose defence industry workforce for current and future defence projects;
  • Building world-class capability across the education and training system to deliver graduates with the skills demanded by the defence industry; and 
  • Working with the defence industry to co-design and co-invest in building workforce capability in the state.

The Strategy targets South Australian workers at all stages of their careers, including upskilling and cross-skilling current workers, encouraging veterans to explore career pathways in the defence industry, and ensuring our students, apprentices and trainees are developing the relevant trades, technical and STEM skills.

View the Strategy here.

For further information please direct all enquiries to Emily Young, Director – Defence Industry Workforce & Skills at Defence SA. Tel: +61 8 8463 6583 or