National Approach

South Australia has been a champion for the development of a sustainable national approach in Australian shipbuilding.  As Australia’s largest and most advanced shipbuilding state, the boom and bust nature of naval shipbuilding has been at the forefront of our thinking and future planning.

South Australia has proven its ability to set strong strategies complementing those of the Australian Government, driving positive engagement with global supply-chains, building the necessary infrastructure and workforce. 

At this critical juncture, we need to build on the strong progress that is being made in the sector, and not be distracted from the delivery of the strategies, plans and initiatives that are already in place and working. 

We are engaging with the Australian Government to ensure:

  • a security cleared workforce is available
  • that the infrastructure is available, and
  • that we are and will remain a committed partner

ASC’s Collins Class Submarine Maintenance program demonstrates the benefits of clear strategies, strong collaboration and consistent execution, having met and exceeded international shipbuilding benchmarks right here in South Australia.

The South Australian Government has taken a leadership role alongside the Naval Shipbuilding College to develop an understanding of the national requirements of the naval shipbuilding workforce.  This collaboration has seen positive developments and strong influences manifested in policy development and workforce training.