Naval Shipbuilding Plan

The Australian Government’s Naval Shipbuilding Plan 2017 guides the largest defence program in Australia’s history. Three build programs have commenced covering Future Surface Combatants, Future Submarines and Minor Surface Combatants.

The plan's objectives are to build a sovereign naval shipbuilding capability, reduce the costs and bring stability to the sector.  South Australia remains a staunch and steadfast partner in ensuring the realisation of this visionary endeavour, investing time, human and financial resources. 

South Australia is the home of shipbuilding for Australia’s major surface combatants and future submarines.  We have a comprehensive set of mature plans in place to ensure that South Australia and the nation will meet all future naval shipbuilding and sustainment requirements.  We are the host state for the nation’s:

  • most advanced "fit for purpose" digitally enabled naval shipyard.
  • largest pool of skilled and security cleared naval shipbuilding and sustainment workers.
  • strongest Defence industrial base which forms part of the global shipbuilding supply chain.
  • home to a Defence Super base at Edinburgh.

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Strong planning and analysis have been required to ensure that policy inputs will deliver the right outcomes for the nation.  These initiatives are driven through the Naval Shipbuilding Plan’s key enablers: Workforce, Infrastructure, Industrial Base and a National Approach.